Massage Therapy by Jamie Wynn
Massages customized to pamper, relax, and renew.



Hello my name is Jamie Wynn.   Welcome to my website.   Are you looking to relax,  relieve muscle aches, tension,  or to be pampered?  I provide my clients a safe place for relaxation, rejuvenation,  and healing.  Through my work my clients are able to relax,  reduce stress,  enhance mental clarity, and promote wellness.

 I have beeen a licensed massage therapist since 2004.   I offer a large variety of massages based on the client's needs and desires. I adjust my touch , pressure and techniques to your comfort level and goals . Through therapeutic touch , heat , relaxing music and calming  essential oils , my massage can treat the whole person. Everyone needs to relax their body, mind, spirit and emotions.

Massage therapy is the manipulation of muscles and soft tissue of the body and has been used as a healing tool for thousands of years . Massage encourages the body to heal itself.  There are many benefits to a massage.Whether you want the experience of a spa treatment or a massage for therapeutic reasons,  I look forward to providing you a service that will make you feel relaxed , renewed, and pampered!

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