Massage Therapy by Jamie Wynn
Massages customized to pamper, relax, and renew.

Services and Rates

Investing in massage is an investment in your health.

Localized Massage- a 30 minute massage to focus on pain or tension relief where your body needs it the  most.

30 minutes $40.00

Swedish massage- is a deep relaxing massage using long rhythmic strokes of light pressure to reduce tension , soothe sore muscles, improve circulation and mobility.  A great massage for beginners.

60 minute $60.00  90 minute $90.00

Combination massage- is a combination of massage techniques ranging from light to firm  pressure focusing on what the client's needs are .  It is a massage suited for someone who wants to relax but also needs some firm pressure with therapeutic body work.

60 minute $65.00  90 minute $95.00

Sports /Deep tissue massage - targets the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue.  The therapist uses slower strokes or friction techniques across the grain of the muscle.  Deep tissue is used for chronically tight or painful muscles , repetitve strain, postural problems, or recovery from an injury. Recommended for the person who is very active or athletic.

60 minute $70.00  90 minute $100.00

Aromatherapy massage- is a massage that  client chooses from a variety of essential oils combined with a swedish massage to promote relaxation and a sense of well being.  Warm moist towels are placed around the feet and on your back to relieve any tension during this treatment.  Great for someone who is looking to relax and pamper their feet.

60 minute $65.00  90 minute $95.00

Hot stone therapy- is a massage with hot basalt stones combined with swedish strokes that are used for relief of aching muscles , sore joints and tense spots.  The hot stones are placed on client's back ,chest, shoulders ,legs, palms and feet.  The therapist will massage with hot stones in areas needed , also focusing on client's needs.  The natural stones gently transfer heat which relaxes muscles and increases blood flow to the areas  being worked on.  The hot stones radiate deeply to provide a highly relaxing and soothing treatment.

60 minute $90.00  90 minute $110.00 

Add a few stones to a massage as a spot treatment for $10.00.

Customized Signature Massage- A great spa massage for special occasions or a gift.The client gets to choose an essential oil for his or her massage.  It is customized to their needs.  It may consist of swedish and deep tissue techniques.  In combination of a heat device, hot moist towels, stones, and a hand and foot treatment with heated mitts.  A massage customized to pamper , relax , and renew!

90 minute massage  $120.00

Chair massage- is a type of body work performed while the client is sitting in a specially designed chair.  It allows them to lean forward so client's neck, back, and shoulders can be reached while the therapist massages them through their clothing.  No disrobing or lotions are used.  Great way to reduce stress , muscle tension, and raise a person's energy level.  Great for an office event or home party.

$1.00 a minute (suggested time 10-20 minutes )

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